Our Why

A World Free from Isolation, Depression, and Suicide

The Juggle Manifesto

In a world of unparalleled connectedness, no one should suffer in silence.

We envision a world where isolation, depression, and suicide are defeated through empathy, intentionality, creating healthy relationship networks, understanding, and proactive intervention.

This is our commitment.


Our Manifesto
John Cornelsen

Moments that matter

Digital Ties: The Dual Edges of Connection and Isolation

Sometimes we can find ourselves lost in the endless scroll of social media, where the pursuit of validation through likes, comments, and shares becomes a daily ritual.

This digital reality, though vast and populated, can sometimes feel superficial, with interactions lacking the depth and authenticity of face-to-face encounters.

As we become more engrossed in the screens, we can inadvertently distance ourselves from the real and tangible world, missing out on the warmth of a genuine smile, the solace of a heartfelt hug, or the simple joy of a shared moment.

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less mental health issues in those with strong familial connections during their youth
of U.S. adults find it harder to form relationships since 2020
lower incidence of dementia in people (65+) who did not report being lonely compared with those who did
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Sharing our stories

Through sharing our stories, we can connect with others, build empathy, and learn from each other's experiences. It's a way to bridge differences and find common ground.

Whether it's sharing a personal struggle, a moment of triumph, or just a funny anecdote, these stories help us understand each other on a deeper level. They bring us closer together as individuals and as a society.

So next time you have the opportunity to share your story, don't hesitate. You never know who might benefit from hearing it.

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