Our Why

The Juggle Manifesto

A World Free from Isolation, Depression, and Suicide

In a world of unparalleled connectedness, no one should suffer in silence. We envision a world where isolation, depression, and suicide are defeated through empathy, intentionality, creating healthy relationship networks, understanding, and proactive intervention. This is our commitment.

We will recognize shared humanity:
Every individual is a thread in the tapestry of society. When one of us hurts, it resonates within us all. Every life matters. Every story counts.

We will cherish authentic connections:
Our strength lies in the genuine bonds we forge with friends, family, and loved ones. Choosing to prioritize face-to-face time with those who matter most nourishes the soul and strengthens our resilience against life's challenges.

We will embrace intentionality:
Every action, every choice, should be rooted in purpose. We advocate for mindful and intentional decisions, from the way we engage with others to how we spend our time, both online and offline.

We will balance digital and real-life interactions:
While digital platforms offer connection, they should not overshadow the richness of real-life interactions. With intentionality, we choose less passive scrolling on social media and more active engagement with those we care about.

We will prioritize self-care and wellness:  
Mental health is as vital as physical health. We choose to make mental well-being a priority at every level—from individual self-care to national policy.

We will foster community connection:  
Beyond our immediate circles, we champion a society where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Authentic community connections dispel isolation and weave the threads of societal support.

We will celebrate resilience:  
Stories of connection, authenticity, and overcoming adversity are beacons of hope. We honor those who intentionally find strength in vulnerability and connection.

We will unite for change:  
Together, our voices are louder, and our impact is greater. Through choice and purposeful collaboration, we stand united in this mission.

In unity, with intention and passion, we journey forth. Making conscious choices that value genuine interactions, cherishing moments with those dear to us, and fostering a world where real connection triumphs over isolation. For a brighter, kinder, and more connected world, free from the chains of isolation, depression, and suicide. Together, we rise.

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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

- Stephen Covey